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The Model FA

Nov 21, 2023

Brooklyn Brock is a 3rd generation financial advisor and founder of Ellevate Advisors LLC, a fee-only RIA, specializing in Financial Planning and Exit Coaching for advisors themselves. Throughout her career, she found advisors rarely do retirement planning for themselves like they do for their clients, which drove her to launch her own RIA to serve advisors exclusively. Brooklyn travels across the nation as a speaker, sharing her passion for helping advisors themselves.


Brooklyn Brock joins David to discuss the importance of advisors getting their own financial planning help from an unbiased third party. She shares how she works with advisors through the exit planning and financial planning process, helping them craft a vision for their life after business ownership. David and Brooklyn also explore scenarios like acquiring another firm or buying into an existing firm, highlighting the value of having independent guidance. Listeners learn that getting advice from someone other than themselves can provide peace of mind for advisors making big financial and career decisions.


“There is something about retiring with something to give you meaning and purpose in your second half, I think a lot of advisors are afraid of that, of not having that.”
- Brooklyn Brock


This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • Leadership, entrepreneurship, and consulting experiences.
  • Exit strategies for business owners with a focus on preparation and communication.
  • Business planning and strategy.
  • Leadership, collaboration, and succession planning in business.
  • Exit planning for businesses and families.
  • Business valuation and sale strategies.
  • Financial planning and exit strategies for business owners.


Our Favorite Quotes:


"If someone's not okay with that they don't have to move forward and maybe there's a different solution out there because financial planning is one type of service that can help people through life transitions." - Brooklyn Brock

"I think my main takeaways from that story would be when you're exploring that option, and the firm says, okay, cool, here's how you do it. It's not black and white, and you have the opportunity to manufacture a deal." - David DeCelle


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