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The Model FA

Jun 4, 2024

Strap in Model FA’s, this is a powerful episode! Efficiency savant Libby Greiwe joins David to discuss productivity strategies for busy financial advisors. Libby shares tips for creating standard operating procedures, managing time through model weeks, and balancing business ownership with family responsibilities. She shares practical techniques for running advisory practices more efficiently while maintaining a sustainable work-life balance. This episode provides actionable takeaways advisors can implement immediately to save time and streamline their business operations.


This week on The Model FA Podcast:

[0:00-5:00] Introduction and background on Libby's journey from engineering to financial planning and building an efficient practice model.

[5:00-11:25] Discussion on balancing time spent growing a business with the quality of clients and relationships. Debating the importance of initial exposure versus long-term sustainability.  

[11:25-18:00] Libby shares insights on balancing motherhood with business ownership, including assessing priorities and building structure for full presence in both roles.

[18:00-23:50] Top challenges for advisors like lack of standard operating procedures and time management. Libby emphasizes the importance of process documentation.

[23:50-28:30] Personalized productivity strategies including compartmentalizing days, avoiding distractions, and customizing schedules over time.

[28:30-34:10] Tips for creating margin in schedules, dedicating time to strategic thinking as a business owner instead of just working in the business.  

[34:10-41:00] Importance of templatizing tasks to avoid duplication of work and examples of applying this to emails.

[41:00-46:45] Discussion of book "Built to Sell" and applying lessons to productize services for scalability and an exit strategy.


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