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The Model FA

Aug 15, 2023

Trent Dudenhoeffer (Duden-hoff-er) is a CFP® practitioner. He started his career as a financial planner at LPL Financial but left in 2021 to join Watchdog Capital where he is focused on the convergence of bitcoin and traditional finance.


Isaiah Douglass is a MBA, CFP®, CEPA. He specializes in working with veterinarians and dentists due to a personal relationship that started with finding how I could help him be successful in his career.


In this episode David is joined by Trent and Isaiah to unravel the fascinating world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, discussing everything from their personal journeys into the space, to the broader implications for the financial industry. This engaging conversation touches on the distinctions between bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the impact of regulation, and the potential future of digital assets.


“I do believe you have a fiduciary responsibility to, at the very least, educate yourself and form an educated opinion on crypto. And based on that opinion, decide whether or not to discuss crypto with your clients” - David DeCelle


This week on The Model FA Podcast:


The difference between crypto and bitcoin specifically.

What makes bitcoin unpredictable and crypto very unpredictable?

What makes bitcoin different from other cryptocurrencies?

Does regulation play a role?

Bitcoin is not an asset only for politicians.

The size of the total addressable market.

How does this fit into the financial plan?

Fiduciaries have been given the okay to largely ignore bitcoin.

Fiduciary responsibility to educate clients.

Books that have had an impact.


Our Favorite Quotes:


“Everyone is drinking from a firehose, with everything else,and then add crypto on top of that. We're just trying to cut through as much noise as humanly possible to give you exactly what you need in the most efficient way. So that you can actually be knowledgeable about Bitcoin.” - Trent Dudenhoeffer


“A little bit of Bitcoin goes a long way. And if they're already, okay, this can ensure that if we see an event happen that maybe you don't believe ever really happens. But it does help protect the purchasing power of those individuals. I think ultimately, that's what bitcoin does.” - Isaiah Douglass


“That's the only way financial plans ever work is if you have a long term time horizon. So go ahead and make your jokes now. Yes, bitcoins down. Yes, I was touting it at its high at 69,000. You got me. Let's talk again in 10 years, and we'll see who's laughing at that point?” - Trent Dudenhoeffer


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