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The Model FA

Jun 1, 2021

Jonathan Pack is the Director of Strategic Partnerships and founder of the Partner Channel at Yext. Following his first job out of college selling knives door-to-door, Jon spent the next decade doing comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York while working on Comedy Central’s web development, video production, and comedy writing. In a moment of career malaise and creative fatigue, he decided to return to sales and joined Yext, which at the time was a tiny start-up where he sold over the phone to small businesses. Jon has spent the last 10 years at Yext, where he also founded the Partner Channel, Yext’s agency reseller program that helps agencies increase their clients’ visibility in online listings and searches. Since the launch of the Partner Channel, Yext has gone public and grown to thousands of employees globally.


Jon joins me today to share the principles and advice that advisors can implement in their own sales process. He defines what a “mutual plan” is and shares a powerful tool to effectively manage a sales conversation, from pitch to closing. He underscores the role that digital presence plays in an advisor’s business success, describes what Yext is, and how this platform can help advisors and other businesses increase their visibility online. He also discusses his process for prospecting and qualifying clients — and highlights the importance of bringing authenticity into sales conversations.


“Be authentic. Staying in harmony with yourself and ensuring that you’re putting out your true self is important in having great sales relationships.” - Jonathan Pack


This week on The Model FA Podcast:


  • Jon’s background and how his career in comedy informs his sales process
  • The role of authenticity in sales conversations and processes
  • The window of prospecting and how Jon uses the LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify good prospects
  • The impact of customization and adding a personal touch to cold emails and prospecting
  • The great mystery of overqualified and underqualified prospects
  • How to make a great follow-up to sales pitches
  • Dissecting the incredible intentionality in Jon’s follow-up email
  • What a “mutual plan” is and why it’s an effective way to manage a sales conversation from pitch to closing
  • The importance of digital presence and searchability for advisors
  • Why businesses need to update their information on directories occasionally
  • The reason businesses need to add rich content (like photos) on online listings and directories


Resources Mentioned:



Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “Don’t sell by being “salesy” but by simply advancing relationships and making relational deposits along the way.” - David DeCelle
  • “The demonstration of your due diligence is as important as your value proposition.” - Jonathan Pack
  • “If you’re not listed in online directories, clients whom you’re meant to serve won’t find you.” - David DeCelle


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