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The Model FA

Dec 5, 2023

Meet Josh Kosnick - provider, recruiter, teacher and leader. He is the Type-A alpha male that loves to compete, drink bourbon and smoke cigars; however, Josh never shies away from sharing his vulnerable side. He’s passionate about men’s mental health – healing, talking about emotions, supporting each other – and will continue to advocate for this. His faith drives him to persevere through pain and suffering because he knows, on the other side of those struggles is everything he has dreamed of and everything he was born to be.

Josh Kosnick shares how he prioritizes his schedule like a college athlete to lead a well-rounded life through fitness, relationships, mind, and soul. He discusses implementing EOS to scale his firm and how vulnerability is the ultimate display of strength for men. Josh also tells the story of dropping out of college and becoming a financial advisor after getting a call from his future mentor while working at Best Buy. He shares information about his new mastermind focused on breaking down walls between advisors and creating collaboration in the industry.

“You just hit on exactly why I always tried to recruit as many college athletes as possible, or former college athletes, because they had to prioritize their days so much more than the regular student“- Josh Kosnick

This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • Leadership, mental health, and personal growth.
  • Vulnerability and masculinity.
  • Leading a healthy lifestyle through fitness, relationships, mind, and body.
  • Fitness journey and personal growth.
  • Maintaining a well-rounded life while being a business owner and parent.
  • Prioritizing fitness, relationships, mind, and body for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Leadership and management in the financial services industry.
  • Systems implementation in a business setting.
  • Implementing EOS in businesses for growth and exit value.
  • The impact of "Think and Grow Rich" and its chapters
  • Career path, perseverance, and mentorship in the financial industry.


Our Favorite Quotes:

"I want to help others that I coached lead or influence or even in our conversation today, someone that I may never meet, is listening to you and I today, I want you to know, that being an alpha being vulnerability is the ultimate, the pinnacle of strength as a man." - Josh Kosnick

"I flipped the mindset, I have to be physically fit, I have to be mentally fit to show up to be my best for my wife, for my kids, for everyone, I coach for everyone, I influence, for every business owner that I go in to help." - Josh Kosnick

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