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The Model FA

Mar 23, 2020

In this conversation, we change things up a bit and ask Aaron to share his journey in the financial advice industry. Aaron’s career progression in financial services had him working in 3 very different wealth management and financial advisory models in quick succession. This experience of having seen the industry from different angles gave him the confidence to start Rapport Financial in January 2017 with just 4 clients.

There are so many different career paths available to advisors, and that's part of the reason why we wanted to have Aaron on the podcast. He has learned first hand the need for good mentorship — and the importance of knowing what role you want to play in this industry.

Don’t miss one of our favorite moments, when Aaron shares what he believes are the most important elements for anyone starting out in the financial advice industry. Do your research. Be a planner. Bring your discipline, hard work, and intention. Meet with professionals, ask them questions, and get a mentor to give you direct feedback.

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