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The Model FA

Mar 2, 2020

In this conversation, we discuss that a great advisory practice is, at its core, a behavioral coaching practice. Daniel reflects on his 10+ years of experience in the financial services industry, and on how advisor-client engagement can bring about better outcomes through meaningful relationships and value-focused behavioral changes.

Don’t miss one of our favorite moments, when Daniel talks about the 3 E’s an advisor can work through to provide their clients with the best behavioral coaching. In Daniel’s model, Education, Environment, and Encouragement together can help clients make incremental behavioral changes and achieve their desired financial goals. 

As you think about this conversation, do you see yourself engaged in behavioral coaching? Or are you unsure of how to bring these practical applications to your client experience? The tools that Daniel discusses will not only help you shift your thinking, but will also demonstrate how the behavioral coaching aspects of your practice can make a real dollar impact in your clients’ lives.

Looking for more ideas about adding behavioral coaching to your practice? Join the Model FA Facebook Community, where you will find expert advice on how to launch, grow, scale, and transform your firm with an incredible client experience. Or, check out our Model FA Accelerator, the industry’s first Silicon Valley-style accelerator and coaching program for entrepreneurial financial advisors.

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