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The Model FA

Mar 9, 2020

My guest today is Joseph (Joe) Anthony.

Joe is the President of Gregory FCA Communications, a full-service, strategically integrated public relations firm. Gregory FCA Communications has been active in the financial space since 2002. The firm offers “tech-enabled PR” including online, data-backed, and social media programs.

In this conversation, we dive into the impact and influence that PR and marketing can have on the success of a financial firm. Joe sees PR as a powerful tool for building trust. By using an intentional PR strategy, advisors can communicate their expertise, share thought leadership, and even enhance their client experience. 

As you think about this conversation, remember that PR can be the sizzle — but you still need the steak. In order to take advantage of Joe’s advice, you need an effective PR strategy. Who are you trying to attract — and what story do you plan to tell them? You will also need to invest time and money into generating great content, whether for your own website or for publishing elsewhere.  

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