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The Model FA

Apr 13, 2020

David is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DPL Financial Partners, a network that connects Registered Investment Advisors and fee-based advisory channels with insurance solutions from the nation’s top carriers. 

David started DPL with an idea to distribute variable annuities through RIAs and fee-only advisors. That seemed like a gamble at the time. David’s hunch proved accurate. In just two years, DPL membership achieved an RIA footprint that approached some of the largest, well-established platforms in the industry. 

In this conversation, we discuss how DPL has built a turnkey, product-agnostic insurance platform for RIAs. Insurance is an important part of a holistic financial plan. David argues that advisors can — and should — use insurance products when that’s the best and most appropriate solution for their clients. However, fee-only advisors have historically had to refer their clients to outside insurance professionals because of commissions. DPL eliminated the need to do that. 

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