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Apr 19, 2022

David E. Appel is Managing Partner at Appel Insurance Advisors, LLC, a company that helps individual, family, and corporate clients worldwide obtain “People InsuranceTM”. For over 30 years, David has maintained a successful and service-oriented practice that focuses on generation-to-generation wealth transfer. He is the author of Buy Your Tomorrows Today, a book that outlines the secrets to establishing a life insurance portfolio. David is a former President of NAIFA Boston and serves as a risk advisor for the Insurance Fiduciary Network, a fiduciary dedicated to providing advice that serves clients’ best interests.

David joins us today to discuss insurance risk management and his philosophy on assessing and meeting insurance needs. He recounts how he started his career in the insurance industry and describes how Appel Insurance Advisors has grown and changed over the years. He also highlights what financial advisors need to know when dealing with risk management and life insurance products and explains why many people stop themselves from accomplishing what they want in life.


“Too many of us stop and don’t fulfill what we want to just because we think we need to do it 100% perfect. We just need to get 80% there, and that’s already more than what most people do.” - David Appel


This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • How David got started in the insurance industry
  • How Appel Insurance Advisors has evolved over the years
  • Creating centers of influence and building relationships as an insurance professional
  • David’s experience working with Northwestern Mutual
  • Analyzing and addressing insurance needs and David’s thoughts on advisors who come up with smaller death benefit values
  • David’s philosophy on considering total death benefit needs and including group insurance in planning
  • Why people may consider investing in insurance products despite being young and healthy
  • The Insurance Fiduciary Network and how it’s advocating for clients and financial advisors


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Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “By not putting yourself out there until you’re great, you end up not doing anything.” - David DeCelle
  • “Progress happens before perfection.” - David DeCelle
  • “Many RIAs miss out on risk management because they don’t have the confidence or background in it.” - David Appel


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