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The Model FA

Dec 19, 2023

Michael Lecours, CFP® is a Co-Founder of fpPathfinder. He is also a financial advisor and planner at the Wealth Strategies Team. Michael began his career in advertising where he worked to develop marketing strategies for insurance companies, banks, credit unions, RIAs and hedge funds. Now, he leverages his background in advertising to distill complex financial planning concepts into straightforward strategies, apply behavioral finance concepts to the planning process and injects a disciplined approach to all facets of the client experience.

In this episode of the Model FA Podcast, Michael Lecours joins us to discuss common client engagement challenges. We explore how to simplify the advice delivery process and keep clients engaged over time through check-ins. Michael describes how FP Pathfinder started as sketches he created and grew into a business helping thousands of advisors. Advisors learn different ways to segment clients and focus on one task at a time to avoid overwhelming them. Interactive checklists now allow advisors to gather client information digitally before meetings to better address their needs. This discussion provides advisors with ideas on maintaining relationships and continuously demonstrating value.

"It's one thing to come up with the financial plan. But how do you deliver the plan? How do you get that client to not just take the recommendation and agree to it, but then follow through and actually do it?" - Michael Lecours


This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • Engaging clients through FP Pathfinder.
  • Creating a flowchart for financial advisors to streamline client conversations.
  • Balancing financial planning and business growth.
  • Improving client engagement in financial planning through four key areas.
  • Simplifying financial planning for clients.
  • Personalized financial planning and client engagement.
  • Adding value to low-maintenance clients in financial planning.
  • Using checklists for client reviews in financial planning.
  • Creating financial planning checklists and flowcharts for various audiences.
  • Business planning and book recommendations.
  • The importance of think time for financial advisors.


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