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The Model FA

Apr 20, 2021

Brad Swineheart is the Vice President for Channel Marketing and Business Development for White Glove, a marketing company that helps financial advisors succeed in their careers. Like White Glove, Brad is dedicated to providing advisors with successful marketing methods that generate prospects and clients. He is driven to uncover the best industry strategies today and discover how successful advisors grow their practices. Brad also hosts the podcast Be Advised - Leading with Value, where he draws from his and his guests’ wealth of experience to help financial advisors realize their fullest potential.


Brad joins me today to discuss how financial advisors can cultivate their online presence and maximize the opportunities of the virtual world. He shares webinar best practices, including how financial advisors can build a connection with their webinar audiences. He defines what a “captive market” is, differentiates it from a “niche,” and reveals why financial advisors need to focus on growing a captive market through building content and credibility. He also explains why financial advisors should aim to be a guide rather than a hero for their clients and underscores the importance of being human in an online world.


“The virtual handshake happens when your prospect decides whether you’re worth talking to and try to find out everything about you even before they pick up the phone.” - Brad Swineheart


This week on The Model FA Podcast:


  • Brad’s journey from sales management to White Glove VP of Business Development
  • His advice to his younger self on entrepreneurship
  • Maximizing the opportunities in today’s virtual world
  • How financial advisors can build their online brand and presence
  • The importance of adapting to the post-COVID world
  • Why advisors need to avoid being the financial heroes or money rockstars
  • The financial advisor’s ideal client and how financial knowledge has become like Amazon
  • How figuring out where your passions are can help ease some hesitations on posting online and creating content
  • What a captive market is and why you need to focus on cultivating it
  • The difference between a captive audience and a niche
  • The value of building an online presence from a place of gratitude and appreciation


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Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “Be human, be likeable, and be stalkable in webinars, and you’ll be ahead of the game in comparison to when you’re in in-person events.” - Brad Swineheart
  • “Everyone has a social sphere they can influence. To be able to market to that group, you need credibility, value, content.” - Brad Swineheart


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