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The Model FA

Jul 19, 2022

Jaimie Sarah is an award-winning executive coach, marketing consultant, and the Founder of Definitely Definitely, a coaching and consulting company that helps smart, talented, service-based experts attract and retain high-caliber clients with integrity. Before founding Definitely Definitely, Jaimie served for over a decade in the marketing industry, working with companies such as Thomson Reuters, SAP, and Satelliet-UK. As a coach and consultant, Jaimie uses the Aligned Business Blueprint, a proprietary blend of executive coaching and marketing consulting that helps clients transform their lives, messaging, and offers. 


Jaimie joins us today to discuss how being a good human impacts client attraction and retention. She discusses content creation strategies for financial advisors and the power of consistency. She explains how having a solid onboarding process can help retain clients and offers advice on asking for client referrals. Jaimie also discusses how connection and trust can aid in asking for client introductions and highlights what it takes to create ideal marketing content for a business.


“When people feel a heart connection with you—that you care about them on a human, heart-to-heart level—it’s rare for them to leave.” - Jaimie Sarah


This week on The Model FA Podcast:


  • What inspired Jaimie to become a coach after more than a decade in the corporate world
  • The best ways to get attention from prospective clients
  • How long it takes for content creation to yield new clients
  • The impact of consistently creating content for marketing
  • Creating content around frequently asked questions
  • How financial advisors can improve their client retention strategy
  • The anchoring effect and mixing the “fluffy” with the “analytical” in the discovery process for prospects
  • Depositing in client relationships and strategies for asking for referrals
  • How connection and trust can aid in requesting client introductions
  • The distinction between emailing and showing up online


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Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “Creating a video, a blog, an infographic makes people aware of who you are and what you do at scale; it humanizes you, helping you build relationships.” - David DeCelle
  • “You need to go above and beyond expectations while magnifying, elevating, and expanding yourself through content creation.” - David DeCelle
  • “Marketing isn’t about how you get someone in; it’s about the process of creating customer value. It’s not just about the hook.” - Jaimie Sarah


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