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The Model FA

May 21, 2024

In episode 152 of the Model FA Podcast, David is joined by Nick Meyer and Nate Hoskin to discuss content marketing and brand sponsorships in the financial services industry. They share their experience creating educational content on TikTok and Instagram, emphasizing the importance of long-form content and chopping it up for social media use. This episode focuses on their experiences in leveraging social media platforms to build their personal brands and businesses, and share their approaches to creating valuable content and optimizing social media strategies for financial advisors, including compliance, brand deals, virtual networking, and high-quality content. 


This week on The Model FA Podcast:

00:00 - Transitioning from financial advisors to content creators and insights on compliance and brand partnerships.  

36:11 - Strategies for content creation such as podcasting vs short videos and batch recording.

46:51 - Building a financial advisor practice during COVID through social media and video content. 

1:02:36 - Optimizing social media campaigns through educational content targeting ideal clients.

1:10:16 - Tips for scripting, filming, and editing short videos authentically for different platforms.

1:28:22 - Using a satisfaction guarantee in financial planning to improve services.


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