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The Model FA

Nov 2, 2021

Scott Nelson is the founder and CEO of Thrive Medicare, a fee-only financial services firm dedicated to helping clients live happy, comfortable lives by guiding them reach their financial goals. After nearly two decades of supporting advisors and their clients through Thrive Wealth Strategies, Scott built Thrive Medicare as a platform that offers training, mentorship programs, direct client support, and referral networks to assist financial advisors in the United States.

Scott joins me today to discuss how financial advisors can use Medicare as a prospecting and business development tool. He discusses how he pivoted from being a financial advisor to starting his Medicare services business and how he grew it through referrals. He describes why Medicare is a “fragmented” industry. He also explains how offering Medicare advice can build trust between a financial advisor and their client.


“Medicare is the best prospecting tool you’ll have.” - Scott Nelson


This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • How Scott launched his Medicare business
  • Why Medicare is a fragmented industry and how it’s different from the financial advisory industry
  • How offering Medicare can benefit financial advisors
  • The “give-to-get” offer and why clients don’t look for a holistic fiduciary planner
  • How the Medicare process can give you the opportunity to present your professionalism and perform fact-finding
  • Medicare season and using Medicare as a tool to get referrals
  • Why offering Medicare as a value-add gets you more referrals as a financial advisor


Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Marketing is a creative and ethical way to get someone’s attention and trick them into hanging out with you.” - David DeCelle
  • “Of a hundred people you’re asking, not all are going to sign up for Medicare—but all one hundred will ask you for advice.” - Scott Nelson
  • “Rarely will a client say, I need to find a holistic planner and address this entire thing! It’s usually a particular problem they need to work through, and it’s the adviser’s job to help them.” - David DeCelle


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