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The Model FA

May 31, 2022

Lauren is the Founder and CEO of Golden Key Partnership, an award-winning and globally recognized boutique business consulting firm. Regarded as “The Business Doctor'' by her clients, Lauren specializes in helping business owners diagnose the root cause of team and operational challenges. She uses her 4D framework to help CEOs reclaim time and avoid burnout as they scale their businesses. Before founding Golden Key Partnership, Lauren served as a clinical research associate at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Lauren joins us today to discuss diagnosing businesses and identifying the cause of burnout. She explains why she started her own business after working in the medical field. She differentiates players from worker bees and discusses how hiring more players for your team can help decrease spending and reduce burnout. Lauren also highlights why businesses need to get simpler as they grow and shares her advice on hiring the right team members for maximum impact.


“Think of your business as a body: the operations and teams are the neural network that connects to the spine of your business so all the systems communicate and move together.” - Lauren Goldstein


This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • Lauren’s background, career path, and what led her to become “The Business Doctor”
  • The Diagnostic Deep Dive test and how Lauren works with advisors and businesses
  • A crucial mistake advisors and business owners make when hiring and expanding their team
  • The difference between a player and a worker bee
  • How business owners get burnt out even if they have a team
  • Why businesses shouldn’t be fully automated
  • Using the Eisenhower matrix to lessen business burnout


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Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “The amount of insight and advice you can receive from books, conferences, and podcasts is amazing. You can test if they work, then implement them to ultimately get paid.” - David DeCelle
  • “As an entrepreneur, don’t just look for staff members; look for entrepreneurial people who have a strategic mindset.” - David DeCelle
  • “Get absolute clarity on who you need on your team to fill the gaps. When you have that clarity of the position and how it fits in, you can spend a lot less and get a whole lot more than you ever could.” - Lauren Goldstein


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