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The Model FA

Sep 5, 2023

Eric Brotman is the CEO of BFG Financial Advisors, President of Brotman Consulting Group, LLC, Host of "Don't Retire...Graduate!" podcast, and author of three books on personal finance including "Don't Retire...Graduate! - Building a Path to Financial Freedom and Retirement at Any Age"


On episode 135 of the "MODEL FA PODCAST," the spotlight is on Eric, the CEO of BFG Financial Advisors and author of "Don't Retire Graduate." The episode delves deep into the crucial role of company culture, mission statements, and the power of advisory boards in shaping businesses. As the conversation progresses, Eric emphasizes the value of building authority and influence through authentic podcasting, robust networking, and mastermind groups. The episode further underscores the significance of early exit strategy planning, collaboration over competition in the financial industry, and the potential of strategic alliances. Wrapping up, Eric discusses the indispensable nature of reading, recommending seminal books that provide foundational knowledge for financial advisors.


“I think it's incredibly important to be authentic. The key to podcasting is to be yourself, to be vulnerable, to be authentic and to be fallible. And then if you're relatable in that way people will seek you out.” - Eric Brotman


This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • Culture Culture Culture Culture.

  • How often should you review your mission statement?

  • The importance of building authority and influence.

  • Two paths to build influence.

  • The power of being yourself.

  • The importance of having a succession plan.

  • The importance of having an exit strategy.

  • Strategic alliances and how they work.

  • The importance of having a reading list.


Our Favorite Quotes:


“One of the things I loved when I was an advisor is the culture of joint work. And being able to learn from other folks, either in my office or throughout the countr; people who had different specializations.” - David DeCelle

“I believe in collaboration over competition, I think our industry is one that's has the benefit of radical abundance. There are so many opportunities, so many people and families and businesses need our help. There's a shortage of financial advisors and an even bigger shortage of good ones.” - Eric Brotman

“Culture, culture, culture, if you add people to your organization, not just clients, but particularly employees, or other advisors, the Fit has to be really, really perfect.” - Eric Brotman

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