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The Model FA

Apr 2, 2024

David interviews Tyson Ray, the CEO of Form Wealth Advisors, about his journey in financial planning and his book The Total Relationship. Tyson shares how he started investing at a young age and bought his first firm at age 24. He emphasizes the importance of understanding clients' lives beyond finances through the "total relationship" approach. Tyson discusses implementing life plans, wealth plans, and care plans for each client. He also stresses the value of building trust through empathy and personalized service over traditional sales tactics.


This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • (0:02) Wealth management and providing meaningful value with Tyson Ray.
  • (1:15) Entrepreneurship, investing, and personal growth.
  • (5:53) Estate planning and prioritizing clients' interests.
  • (11:26) Building a team for a successful financial planning business.
  • (18:20) Finding the right people for a business venture.
  • (20:13) Financial planning, coaching, and client service.
  • (24:27) Building client relationships through empathy and personal connections.
  • (29:29) Personalized financial planning and branding.
  • (35:03) Financial planning and life goals with an advisor.
  • (40:28) Financial planning, funding, and monitoring for clients.
  • (45:30) Branding, marketing, and idolatry in financial planning.
  • (52:27) The value of a relationship book and leaving reviews.


Connect with Tyson:


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  • Email:


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