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The Model FA

Jul 20, 2021

Mark Maiocca is the Founder of the Core7 Networking Groups, an organization that helps real estate, mortgage, tax, and other financial professionals create exclusive networking groups to generate referrals and add value to their partners. He is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, The Core7 (formerly titled What’s Your Rate?) and the ebooks How to Create a Core7 Mastermind Group and Core7 Book of Scripts. Mark, who has been a mortgage originator for more than 20 years, has generated hundreds of referrals to Core7 partners and has closed over $1 billion in loans throughout his career.


Mark joins me today to discuss the Core7 referral introduction and referral methodology and how it can benefit financial advisors. Mark shares what led him to develop the Core7 principles and networking group, and explains how the organization is structured to benefit each member. He also highlights why it’s essential for real estate professionals to keep financial advisors in their network and underscores the crucial role that financial advisors play in caring for real estate clients.


“If you’re a financial advisor who wants to work with lenders, the number one thing you can do to better their business is to introduce their realtors to your clients.” - Mark Maiocca


This week on The Model FA Podcast:


  • Mark’s background, his experience in the mortgage industry, and what led him to develop Core7
  • The seven professionals that make up a Core7 networking group
  • How Core7 networking groups are structured in a way that consistently generates introductions and referrals for each member
  • Key topics discussed in every Core7 meeting
  • The importance of having transparent conversations with your centers of influence
  • The number one question realtors should ask clients as a door opener to introduce a financial advisor
  • What financial advisors can do to encourage introductions and referrals from loan officers
  • Bridging the real estate silo and the financial advice silo
  • How much business the Core7 methodology has produced
  • Why it’s important that real estate loan officers introduce financial advisors to their clients


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Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “There are many good opportunities when you have a core group of people that you can be direct and transparent with.” - David DeCelle
  • “If you don’t refer your financial advisor, you’ll lose a client — even if you did a great job on that original loan. It’s always good to keep financial advisors in your network.” - Mark Maiocca
  • “Advisors, you need to have an open, honest, and transparent conversation with any of your centers of influence, and ask them to make introductions.” - David DeCelle


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