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The Model FA

Apr 20, 2020

My guest today is Jim Palumbo. Jim is a veteran of the financial services industry, with more than 25 years of experience in creating and managing organizations that grow and preserve wealth. 

In this conversation, Jim explores different options that are available to today’s advisors who are looking for a path to independence, and why it’s important for an advisor to begin with what his or her vision and purpose of independence is. 

Don’t miss one of our favorite moments, when Jim shares his experience of creating what he calls a “Living Library” at Dynamic Advisor Solutions. It may be helpful to read an article to solve a problem, but it’s measurably better to get access to a community of professionals who have already solved that problem and looked at it from a dozen different angles.

As you think about this conversation, how are you inspired to differentiate your firm? Will you discover new partnerships, practice management systems, business development ideas, or creative and unique client experiences? Whichever area you begin with, take Jim’s advice and connect with a peer group to strengthen your practice and build the life you’ve dreamed about.

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