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The Model FA

Dec 10, 2020

Our team sat down last month to talk all about Client Experience with Reese Harper, CEO of Dentist Advisors. On this show, Reese Harper joined our host Patrick Brewer to answer questions from our listeners and readers.

What does “client experience” actually mean? What should your clients see, feel, interact with? 

What are the components of an effective, strategically designed client experience?

What are the first steps an advisor can take to evolve the CX into the future?

Tune in to the conversation and get ready to take notes! If you have ever struggled to build relationships that naturally grow deeper as the client’s needs change, then this conversation will help you. In a discussion facilitated by our Executive Podcast Producer Eric Lee, you will hear Patrick Brewer and our guest Reese Harper share strategies for establishing the relational depth that is required to engage in a true financial planning partnership.

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