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The Model FA

Apr 16, 2024

In episode 150 of the Model FA Podcast, Kristin Harad joins David to discuss the challenges of scaling second-generation advisory firms, emphasizing the importance of regularly assessing and updating business strategies. They also highlighted the need to connect advisors with service providers, embrace an abundance mindset, and document and coach the next generation to replicate success. In another conversation segment, David and Kristin discuss marketing strategies for financial advisors, emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive approach that includes various tactics to build a strong brand and attract potential clients. They also highlight the need to focus on long-term growth, prioritize sustainability, and continuously improve marketing strategies. Finally, Kristin and David discussed the paradox of choice in the business advice industry and its impact on decision-making, emphasizing the importance of simplifying marketing strategies by eliminating choice and focusing on a few key areas.


This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • 0:00:00 Introduction - David welcomes Kristin Harad
  • 0:02:06 Background - Kristin shares journey in finance industry
  • 0:09:44 Advisor needs - Top issues clients seek help with clarity
  • 0:11:06 Second generation - Challenges for new leadership
  • 0:13:32 Marketing budget - How to set and track spending
  • 0:16:45 Client gesture story - Thoughtful gift builds connection
  • 0:21:46 Consistency importance - Strategies require patience over time
  • 0:25:30 Simplify choices book - Focus on few key efforts
  • 0:31:10 Relationships grow business - Podcast leads to referrals
  • 0:35:15 Commit fully marketing - Give strategies time for results


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