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The Model FA

Jun 22, 2021

Will Richardson is a 7-figure entrepreneur, business and sales mentor, and podcaster who has been a financial advisor since 2008. After graduating from the School of Business Administration at the University of Mississippi with a degree in Marketing, Will started his professional career selling knives for Cutco, an experience that landed him a job (and taught him how to work) in the financial services industry. Will hosts the Crusheration Podcast, where he shares the lessons he learned from his years of experience as an advisor — and inspirational life lessons for the benefit of people both inside and outside of the financial services industry.


Will joins me today to discuss how financial advisors can connect with people, both potential clients and fellow advisors, through creating video and podcast content. He highlights the value of sharing ideas and explains the formula for creating engaging content. He also describes the impact advisors make whenever they embrace imperfection, and underscores the importance of being unique in creating content and when asking for client referrals and introductions.


“The techniques advisors are taught don’t feel authentic. Be unique in the way you ask for client introductions, in the way you are, and in your common interest with others.” - Will Richardson


This week on The Model FA Podcast:


  • What selling Cutco knives taught Will about working in the financial services industry
  • What inspired Will to create content for other advisors and how it changed things for him
  • How perfectionism stops many people from sharing their ideas and content
  • Why Will’s podcast and video content aren’t necessarily about financial planning
  • The factors that hold people back from asking for referrals and what financial advisors can do to ask for introductions confidently
  • How Will uses LinkedIn to build a list of prospects and the importance of approaching clients with authenticity
  • The difference between connections and creativity and the importance of finding different degrees of connectivity
  • Conversation strategies when making an introductory call
  • Will’s advice for financial advisors who are reluctant to ask for introductions
  • How Will came up with the “Too busy crushing it” slogan and why it has become his mantra
  • The importance of rethinking beliefs and how impostor syndrome can be a good thing
  • The importance of listening and understanding on a deeper level, and why changing your mind doesn’t make you “wrong”
  • Specializing and niching for specific kinds of clients


Resources Mentioned:



Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “Sometimes asking for referrals may feel too aggressive, but you deserve to be introduced to the client’s peers based on the work that you did.” - David DeCelle
  • “Don’t worry about perfection. People connect with us when we’re not perfect, for imperfection makes us human.” - Will Richardson
  • “You are unique and you have something to say; your life experience is different from any other person’s.” - Will Richardson


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