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The Model FA

Mar 2, 2021

Kirk Lowe is the Founder and CEO of ProudMouth, an influence accelerator on a mission to “free the world’s experts from sales.” For over 20 years, Kirk and his business partner, Matt Halloran, have helped financial experts and advisors produce, publish, multiply, share, and boost their thought leadership. Kirk and his team are shifting the way experts approach marketing. He is a frequent contributor to Nasdaq, the featured expert on the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast, and the co-host of the BeYourOwnLoud podcast. Kirk regularly speaks and writes on topics related to building authority, becoming a micro-influencer, marketing, and podcasting.


Kirk joins me today to discuss how to effectively create a content marketing strategy that builds your credibility and authority as an expert. We discuss the concept of ‘brand depth,’ what it means, and how you can use your content to prove your deep understanding and expertise of the industry you serve. We discuss Kirk’s journey into the world of podcasting and what inspired him and his business partner to launch the ProudMouth brand. We discuss how you can use your content to attract new clients and the importance of staying consistent with your content marketing efforts. We also discuss organic strategies you can use to accelerate your content marketing results, why a small podcast audience can be just as powerful and rewarding as a large one, and how you can determine when your business is ready to hire a PR firm.


“Be patient, do the work that you know is going to make a difference, and when the time comes, that’ll all pay off.” - Kirk Lowe


This week on The Model FA Podcast:


  • How to use content marketing strategies to build your credibility and authority
  • The evolution of Kirk’s career and the inspiration behind building the ProudMouth brand
  • Turning skeptics into fans and prospects
  • What the “expertise economy” is and why it’s important
  • Creating a system and staying consistent with your content marketing strategy
  • How Kirk’s clients have benefited from content marketing and podcasting
  • Why you need to tell your audience the steps you want them to take
  • Creating a “give to get” offer and the value of smaller audiences
  • Creating the customer journey and advancing relationships through your content 
  • Navigating compliance hurdles when developing a content marketing or podcasting strategy
  • How the intimacy level between blogging and podcasting differ
  • Organic strategies to accelerate your content marketing results
  • Identifying when you’re ready to partner with a PR firm
  • Kirk’s top 3 favorite business books


Resources Mentioned:



Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “The more specificity that most experts can have when they’re marketing their business, the more you can clearly target and win-over those people,” - Kirk Lowe
  • “Find a way to enjoy what you’re talking about because your audience will probably enjoy it more, too.” - Kirk Lowe


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