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The Model FA

Feb 15, 2022

Rich Bluni is a consultant and national speaker. Rich has been a Registered Nurse for nearly 30 years with experience in pediatric ICU, trauma, and ER among many other areas. Since 2007, he's been a successful healthcare consultant working with large academic centers as well as smaller organizations all over the US. Rich is an author of 3 books and a much sought after keynote speaker, having spoken in every State in the US (except for Alaska so far!) as well as a number of conferences in Canada. He's a popular social media influencer known as TheRichB, with over 1.2 million followers across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Rich is also a co-host of the Above Board Podcast with Candor Path, which is entering its second season with well over 30,000 downloads so far.  Rich is a husband to an amazing wife and a dad to three incredible kids ages 23, 12 and 7. 

Rich joins us today to discuss the power of connecting to our deeper purpose. He outlines the process of getting yourself unstuck from a rut and discusses when it’s effective to change routines. He explains why people become stressed when they lose connection to their “big why” and details how individuals can explore their life’s purpose. Rich also underscores the power of the meaning we put behind our actions and highlights why gratitude is an impactful antidote to burnout.


“The difference between a successful and a super successful financial advisor is going to be the ‘big why,’ the emotional connection, and the understanding of passion and heart.” - Rich Bluni


This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • Rich’s background and why he talks about connecting to purpose
  • Why we get into a rut and why goal-setting habits sometimes stop working
  • Personal alchemy and what to do when you’re stuck in a rut
  • The value and danger of routines
  • How much of your life should be committed to routines and when to change them
  • The difference between structure and routine
  • What separates the super successful financial planners from the “merely” successful ones
  • The causes of burnout and how to lift yourself from it
  • What a person can do to discover their purpose
  • How practicing gratitude can help avoid burnout and increase wellness
  • The power of words and how the language we use can influence burnout


Resources Mentioned:


Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “There’s a lot of value to being routined, but, if gone unchecked, you could be routined to a fault.” - David DeCelle
  • “To get from being successful to super successful, you need to understand that constantly reminding yourself of your deeper purpose will keep you going.” - David DeCelle
  • “‘Why’ is one of the most powerful words that exist. If you understand or have a visceral, emotional, passionate connection to your ‘why,’ that’s how you can prevent burnout.” - Rich Bluni


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