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The Model FA

Jul 12, 2022

Mark Colgan is a founding partner of Montage Wealth Management, a financial planning firm focused on creating strategies for saving and spending. With over 29 years of experience as a certified financial planner, Mark is passionate about orchestrating financial plans that help clients live a fulfilled life. Before founding Montage Wealth Management, Mark served as an investment consultant for McDonald Investments. Mark graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance.


Mark joins us today to discuss how financial planners and advisors help bereaved clients navigate difficult times. He details his journey to becoming a financial advisor and explains how business acquisitions and referrals from satisfied clients grew Mark’s firm. He describes why he’s passionate about helping bereaved clients take the next steps in their financial and personal lives. Mark also explains why death can be a difficult topic—even for financial professionals—and offers advice on how advisors can communicate to their grieving clients.


“The topic of death is a mystery to us financial planners as it is to others. Still, you can help clients avoid some missteps or uncover some opportunities they hadn’t even known about.” - Mark Colgan


This week on The Model FA Podcast:


  • Mark’s background and how he began his career in business
  • His road to establishing himself as an independent financial advisor
  • How his business development strategies have changed since starting his firm
  • The importance of picking a niche and focusing on it
  • Why Mark is passionate about helping bereaved clients
  • When to meet with a financial advisor after bereavement
  • What inspired Mark to write Death’s Red Tape
  • How advisors can help bereaved clients prevent identity theft and other crimes


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Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “Showing that you care about the client is what makes them feel special.” - David DeCelle
  • “Focusing on a niche doesn’t only help your marketing and collateral—it also helps you build a scalable service model.” - David DeCelle
  • “The best way to get referrals is to overly impress your existing clients so they start bragging about you.” - Mark Colgan


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