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The Model FA

Sep 23, 2019

My guest today is Joe Messinger. Joe started his own fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm, Capstone Wealth Partners, in 2009 after struggling at large national financial service firm to find and provide good financial advice — especially in the area of college planning. Joe is a leading authority on college planning resources and late-stage college funding. He frequently speaks to organizations such as the FPA, NAPFA, ACP and XY Planning Network, as well as parent groups across the country.

In this conversation, we discuss Joe’s College Pre-Approval™ system, a revolutionary approach to providing expert college planning advice in a client-centric and comprehensive way. With Capstone College Partners (a resource for financial advisors who want to learn more about helping families with college planning) and College Aid Pro™, Joe is on a mission to educate and empower other financial advisors to raise the bar in college funding advice — and to help end the student loan crisis, one family at a time.

Don’t miss one of our favorite moments, when Joe explains the burden that rests on the shoulders of clients and potential clients who are planning their children’s college future. Many of the service models that are alive and well in the financial industry today have no room for his type of advice. Have you said “No” to college planning for your clients’ children? What hurdles have kept you from adding this service in your practice?  We hope you will find some practical ideas to try — and feel more comfortable with offering college planning resources and advice to your clients in the future.

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