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The Model FA

Jan 17, 2023

Matt Cosgriff is the Director of Wealth Management at BerganKDV, a trusted firm that offers business planning and consulting, tax, auditing and accounting, technology, and wealth management services throughout the Midwest. Matt joined the BerganKDV team in 2014. As a wealth management leader, Matt is passionate about cultivating a team-centric environment where everyone can be successful in the service of others. Matt holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics & Finance from St. Olaf College and a Certified Financial Planner designation from Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Matt joins me today to discuss entrepreneurial operating systems and their application to a wealth management firm. He explains how an EOS helps BerganKDV maintain cohesion, build company culture, and achieve organizational initiatives and goals. He describes strategies for managing the challenges of implementing EOS frameworks in a company. He also outlines the framework that BerganKDV uses to overcome EOS’s strategy gap and offers advice to advisors who want to roll out EOS in their organization.


“An entrepreneurial operating system is a language and framework that effectively brings clarity around how we want to accomplish whatever it is as an organization we want to achieve.” - Matt Cosgriff


This week on The Model FA Podcast:


  • Matt’s background and career path to becoming Director of Wealth Management at BerganKDV
  • BerganKDV’s history, revenue, AUM, and sister company
  • How BerganKDV’s EOS is structured and implemented
  • EOS’s impact on accomplishing organizational goals and maintaining company culture
  • Getting employee buy-in and other challenges in implementing EOS
  • Playing to win and creating a framework to overcome EOS’s strategy gap


Resources Mentioned:



Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “With a system like EOS, you can be more efficient, even with a lower number of people required to help manage the business.” - David DeCelle
  • “Simplicity doesn’t take away effectiveness.” - David DeCelle
  • “EOS allowed us to have a broader vision and maintain cohesion and alignment as an organization.” - Matt Cosgriff


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