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The Model FA

Feb 20, 2024

Arielle Minicozzi-Figueroa is the founder and co-owner of Sphynx Automation, a virtual CTO firm that helps financial advisors gain efficiency and maximize their client impact using technology and automation. In addition to her work with Sphynx, Arielle is a partner and financial planner at Modern Money Advisor, where she focuses on working with young, female professionals. Arielle resides in sunny Arizona with her husband (and business partner) Mark Figueroa, and their cat (the namesake of Sphynx), Nigel.

Arielle Minicozzi joins us to discuss how her company Sphynx Automation helps financial advisors automate tasks like onboarding new clients and gathering documentation. Automating routine work frees up time for advisors to focus on building relationships. Arielle discusses tools like AI transcription, Zapier automations, and pre-populating forms. Compliance considerations with AI were raised. David offered coaching and free automations through Sphynx for advisors who contact him. Overall the discussion focused on leveraging technology to improve efficiency and client experiences.

“There are some things that a human just does better than a computer. But there are a lot of things, data entry for example, that computers will do better and faster than a human.” - Arielle Minicozzi


This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • Leveraging technology for financial advisors with Ariel Mina. (0:10)
  • Automating business tasks for financial advisors. (5:11)
  • Automation's impact on business operations and employee roles. (10:21)
  • Automation in financial planning and its impact on time and energy. (13:36)
  • Improving client experience and onboarding process. (20:59)
  • Streamlining onboarding process for financial planning clients. (25:04)
  • AI integration in financial advisor practices. (30:25)
  • AI note-taking, compliance, and time management in business meetings. (35:38)
  • Automation and coaching for financial advisors. (44:53)


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