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The Model FA

Mar 19, 2024

In this episode Eric Negron shares his journey as an entrepreneur and advisor in the industry. He discusses how he structures his time and manages multiple businesses. Eric emphasizes the importance of mindset, character, and activity in achieving success. He recommends collaboration over competition and building a supportive board of mentors. Eric encourages listeners to ask for help and contribute value to others on their personal development journey.

“Ask for help. There's always a book you could read. Somebody that you can talk to and in today's day and age, a YouTube video you could watch or podcast you could listen to. So please ask for help." - Eric Negron


This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • Entrepreneurship, ADHD, and mentorship in the advisor space. (0:10)
  • Building a successful financial services business and managing multiple entities. (4:03)
  • Time management and empowering team members. (9:13)
  • Work-life balance and efficient email management. (15:52)
  • Developing a financial advisor's mindset, heart set, and skill set. (23:50)
  • Business success and mindset. (28:34)
  • The benefits of collaboration over competition in the financial industry. (36:31)
  • Building relationships, mentorship, and personal growth. (40:15)


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