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The Model FA

Oct 5, 2020

Our team and a guest expert Phil Seibel of Collaborative Planning Group sat down last week to discuss insurance planning in a fiduciary firm. Together, they answered questions from our listeners and readers.


  • Many insurance products have a bad rep in the financial advisory space. Are there any products that just flat-out should never be sold to anyone?
  • How is the process of getting your client into an insurance policy different today vs. 20 years ago?



  • How does risk management planning best fit into a holistic financial planning engagement?



  • How important is long term care planning for advisors — and for their clients? 



  • With all the buzz about “no commission insurance”, is that the optimal solution for a fiduciary? What about fee-based insurance?



  • A lot of people feel that a fiduciary should never accept a commission because commissions promote bias. What are your thoughts?


Tune in to the conversation and get ready to take notes. If you are unsure how the insurance industry is changing, how to choose the best insurance products for your clients, and whether or not commissions promote bias, you will walk away with lots of food for thought.

In a discussion facilitated by our Executive Podcast Producer Eric Lee, you will hear David DeCelle, Dan Allison, and our guest Phil
Seibel discuss strategies, share personal experiences, and push against some antiquated ways of thinking about insurance planning.

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