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The Model FA

Apr 13, 2021

Manish Khatta is the President and Chief Investment Officer of the investment management & strategy firm Potomac Fund Management. Manish initially wanted to become a sports agent, but after working at Potomac while waiting for law school to start, he immediately fell in love with the industry. He began his career with the company by programming the initial work on Potomac’s mechanical trading systems. A true math geek and quant, Manish worked his way up to his current position, creating and refining trading strategies built on mathematical computations and number crunching along the way.


Manish joins me today to discuss how Potomac doubled its assets in six months under his watch, without a salesperson or wholesaler. He describes his journey in Potomac and its condition from a branding perspective before they implemented his marketing initiatives. He shares his ideas on accessing and integrating technology platforms in an organization’s operations and the importance of being patient and committed when creating content. He also reveals why the only thing that matters more than a client is your employees and emphasizes the importance of sharing your story through content.


“If you are yourself and put yourself out there, you’ll have clients who’ll resonate with you. If you’re proud of what you do and what you offer, go out there and tell your story.” - Manish Khatta


This week on The Model FA Podcast:


  • Manish’s career journey from intern to President and CIO
  • The best time for financial advisors to onboard FinTech into their organization
  • Potomac’s brandless history and the importance of developing a company brand
  • The benefits of creating content and why content creation needs to be a commitment
  • Cultivating the patience to create content and build an online presence
  • Weaving a spider web of content that catches prospects
  • Delivering happiness to clients and how to build trust with customers
  • Why business owners need to focus on taking care of their employees and making them happy
  • How to go from being a boss to being a leader and avoid employee turnover
  • The value of outsourcing tasks
  • The importance of standing by what you’re passionate about and believing in what you do


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Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “No one wants to be sold something. Instead, add value: if you do, everything will come back tenfold.” - Manish Khatta
  • “To make your clients happy, there’s nothing else you can do other than doubling down on making your employees happy.” - Manish Khatta


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