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The Model FA

Nov 11, 2019

My guest today is Dominique Molina. Dominique is the co-founder and President of the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches. As the driving force and visionary behind the San Diego-based company, she set out to change the way tax professionals approach tax planning. She created an elite network of tax professionals including CPAs, EAs, attorneys and financial service providers who are trained to help their clients proactively plan and implement tax strategies that can rescue thousands of dollars in wasted tax. Dominique is also a published author of two books on taxation.

In this conversation, we discuss advanced tax reduction. Dominique shares some of the best ways financial advisors can provide proactive planning to help solve the challenges of America’s taxpayers. Advisors bring a world of opportunity and awareness of the danger in the world for their clients, and when it comes to tax planning there is a need for renewed professionalism that is client focused. Dominique shares about the major difference in automated tax planning vs. advisor led is the client needs and the judgement of the professional advisor. The advisor’s judgement is the added value to the expertise that is brought to the table and it truly is the competitive advantage to make you the trusted advisor.

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