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The Model FA

Jul 30, 2020

Our team sat down last week to talk about All Things COI’s.
Together, they answered questions from our listeners and readers.

What am I looking for in a COI?

How do I break through the noise and stand out to a new COI — without looking like I am just fishing for new clients?

What are some of the barriers and best practices for forming an agreement that will allow both parties to move forward with enthusiasm and mutual commitment?

How does COVID impact center-of-influence partnerships?

Tune into the conversation and get ready to take notes. If you have ever struggled to connect with a COI, explain what you do, or build a relationship where they feel comfortable referring their clients to you, then you are about to get a secret weapon.

In a discussion facilitated by our Executive Podcast Producer Eric Lee, you will hear Patrick Brewer, David DeCelle, and Dan Allison share strategies for establishing mutually beneficial relationships, overcoming objections, and making an impact.

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Our Team
Model FA Creative Director and Executive Podcast Producer, Eric Lee
Model FA Founder and Podcast host, Patrick Brewer
President of Model FA, David DeCelle
Founder and President of the Feedback Marketing Group, Dan Allison

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